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Term 1 Topic Plan for Parents September 2020

Term 1

Year 1 have started the year off with a roaring start as we have been thoroughly enjoying our ‘Hiss, Roar, Squawk!’ topic.  During our science lessons, we have looked a different ways in which animals can be classified and the features of each of these classifications.  Did you know that a whale is a mammal even though it lives in the sea?  Or that reptiles can be identified by their smooth, scaly skin and ability to lay eggs? Year one found out these facts by reading a range of insightful non-fiction texts.  The children then applied this knowledge to create their very own class book which demonstrated each classification of animal alongside a range of facts for each animal group.

After enjoying the popular Simon James text, ‘My Friend Whale’, the children have explored what it means for animals to be ‘endangered’ and how we can help make a difference towards the preservation of endangered animal species.  During our English lessons, the children created informative posters that explained how we can shape the future to protect endangered animals.

Following on from this, year 1 children became part of the climate change movement by taking litter pickers around the school to collect rubbish.  We found a whole bin bag full!


Term 2 Topic Plan for Parents November 2020

Term 2

Special guests

Have you met Isaac?  Isaac is a hedgehog from the story ‘the very helpful hedgehog’.  He has visited our classroom this term so that the year one children can reflect on ways in which we can all help hedgehogs during this winter season.  We have recalled all our previous animal knowledge and read a range of key facts to create informative ‘how to help a hedgehog’ leaflets!  Here are some of the fantastic sentences the children have written to show ways in which we can support hedgehogs;

“You can put out cat food for the hedgehogs to eat” Nancy, Koalas.

“You can call the RSPCA if you see a poorly hedgehog who is not in hibernation!” Neveah, Kangaroos.

“You can build a hedgehog home out of leaves and twigs.  This will help keep the hedgehogs warm.”       Rosie, Giraffes.

“You can put out fresh water for the hedgehogs to drink.” Kodi, Elephants.

On your marks… Get set… BAKE!

Chop, peel, slice, rub and sprinkle are just some of the cooking skills year one have developed this term.  Our crumble journey began by sampling a range of apples to decide which type of apple was our favourite and why.  After settling on Braeburn apples, we created our crumble by peeling, chopping, sprinkling and rubbing our ingredients together, carefully following the recipe!  Not forgetting the importance of having clean hands and being safe and careful with the cooking equipment!  The friendly kitchen staff helped us to cook our crumble and we evaluated the taste, look and texture of our product whilst reflecting on what we enjoyed and what we change for next time.

Remember, remember the 5th November

We analysed and evaluated a range of sources that provided information about rulers of the United Kingdom past and present.  We lived the development of the Magna Carter through a moving story that explained the key events that lead to the development of the United Kingdom’s government and the end of Kings and Queens having full power over the United Kingdom.  We even turned into parliamentary members ourselves and decided where we would spend our budgets across Ashford!

We then time travelled to 1605 to understand the turmoil between Guy Fawkes, his gang and King James I. We evaluated a range of sources and constructed arguments as to whether we think Guy Fawkes was right in his actions and if he deserved the punishment he received.  This understanding allowed us to make connections as to how the failure in The Gunpowder Plot was so signification and why we celebrate bonfire night today.

Shine bright

Year one have been developing their empathy by creating Lazlo, a character from the story ‘the dark’ with his fear of the dark.  As a class, we reflected on Lazlo’s feeling of fear and considered ways in which we can help him.  We collaborated to create lanterns for Lazlo and wrote informative instructions for others who may share Lazlo’s fear! 

Term 4 Topic Plan for Parents March 2021

Term 5 Topic Plan for Parents April 2021

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