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Foundation Stage (EYFS) Long Term Plan 2019-2020


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Term 1 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 1

The children have made such an amazing start to school life and have really enjoyed their first term at Willesborough Infant school.  It is wonderful to see how much they have grown in confidence already.  We have read a whole range of stories linked to our topic on ‘Bears’, which have really inspired the children.  We read “Whatever Next” and loved building our own rockets.


We even used our phonic knowledge to label some of the objects that baby bear needed to pack in his bag for space. 

We loved getting to try porridge after reading “Goldilocks” and we chose our favourite flavour. We wrote our names on voting slips and counted them to decide which one was the most popular in each class. 


We also helped Goldilocks put the bear’s things into size order. 

After reading “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” the children took their own Willesborough school teddies on their own bear hunt around the school.



We used our senses to explore the different settings, thinking about how to describe each one.  We thought of some amazing adjectives!  

Term 2 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 2

This term we have been learning about changes in the world around us.  We have observed many changes as the weather has turned to autumn.  We have loved collecting conkers, autumn leaves and pinecones.  Our grown-ups came into school to accompany us on an autumn walk around the school grounds.  We worked together to collect materials to make our own leaf men, having been inspired by ‘The Leafman’ by Lois Ehlert.  We have also enjoyed exploring the frost outside and have been fascinated to see that the water in our garden is now freezing to ice.



We have further developed our scientific enquiry skills by completing our own simple experiments.  After reading ‘The Princess and the Wizard’ we completed our own colour changing investigations.  We placed skittles in water and made simple predictions about what we thought would happen to them.  We then observed the experiment closely.  We were amazed to see that the skittles created a rainbow pattern in the water!  We also used coloured water, paint and playdoh to discover more about how colours mix in different contexts.


We have particularly enjoyed reading the ‘Percy and the Park keeper’ stories.  The children have made links between the autumn weather in Percy’s stories and the changes that we have been seeing around us.  We were extremely excited when many of Percy’s animals came to visit us!  The Creepy Claws workshop bought in a hedgehog, duck, owl, mouse and rabbit to see us.  As well as learning lots about these animals, the children were able to use this real life experience to help them write some amazing descriptive sentences about the animals.  We used our amazing maths skills when we had heard some of Percy’s animals had fallen out of the tree in a storm.  We were able to solve 'one less than' problems by counting and using a number line.



We have also been exploring autumn vegetables.  We have been fascinated by the pumpkins that have been growing in autumn and enjoyed exploring them further.  After reading ‘Pumpkin soup’ we decided to make our own soup.  We chopped, sliced, grated and mashed vegetables to use as ingredients.  It was delicious!  We then wrote our own instructions, using the ‘bossy words’ that we picked up when cooking.  We enjoyed weighing and measuring the vegetables to make sure that they were perfect for the soup!


The children have continued to impress us with their curiosity in the world around us and desire to find out more!

Term 3 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 3

This term we have been learning about different jobs in our community.  We were excited to send letters home to tell our grown-ups which job we would like to do in the future.  We walked to our local post office to deliver our letters and even met a postman there.  A local postman also brought in his uniform so that we could learn all about it.  The children can now confidently identify the Royal Mail symbol!


We also enjoyed learning about the job of a bus driver.  We were able to go on a bus ride and found out lots of information from our driver, Keith.  We looked closely at the features of the bus and made our own models.  The children demonstrated creativity when doing this and remembered lots of the new terminology from their experience.  They then wrote about what they could see on their journey.



We have been learning about the Police force and the work that they do to help us.  In fact, we had some things mysteriously go missing around school.  We discovered that Burglar Bill had been to Willesborough Infant School!  We wrote wanted posters to try and catch him and contacted our local PCSOs for help.  They came and told us all about the different jobs that they do within the community and showed us their uniform.  The children particularly loved going in the police car.  The children loved finding out about their equipment and enjoyed making their own Police uniforms during “Let’s Explore” time.


We were also visited by the fire service!  They brought in one of their fire engine’s to show the children.  The children were fascinated to find out more about their jobs and loved hearing the sirens.  We completed our own “Fire Fighter” obstacle course, practicing our positional language.  We learnt lots about how to keep ourselves safe and what we would do in an emergency!


We would like to thank all of the parents and carers who have visited us to tell us about their jobs this term. We have been lucky enough to have visits from doctors, postmen, a chef, tree surgeons and many more! We would like to thank Aspire Landscape Management who gave a practical demonstration of what being a tree surgeon involves.  They used a winch to pull themselves up the oak tree on the main playground and showed us how their cherry picker works.  They showed us how they put logs through the chipper to make woodchip too!



Term 4 Topic Plan for Parents

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