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Below you will find short profiles of the gown-ups in our Reception (EYFS) classes.





Home Learning

During our school closure, the Reception teaching team worked together to produce pre-recorded home learning videos that families could access from home, 

Here are some examples:

Term 1 Topic Plan

Term 1

As you know, all of the children received a Willesborough School teddy bear when they started.  They have loved brining them in to school with them and their interest in these teddies has fed into our topic ‘Bears!’

After reading ‘We are Going on a Bear Hunt’, the children have been on a bear hunt around the school grounds.  We have been impressed by the = vocabulary the children have used to describe what they could see, hear and smell on their journey.


What do you know about Pandas? Our Reception child know a lot! Mrs Rusbridge and Mr Head have been very impressed with the children's knowledge. 

We enjoyed an exhibition of Bear Illustrators. We like Jane Hissey and Mary Tourtel best. 

Thanks to all the grown ups who came to our t=Teddy Bear Picnics.                              


Term 2 Topic Plan 2021

Term 2

This term we have been learning about “Terrific Transformations.”  We have enjoyed watching the seasons around us change and learning about autumn.  We went on a hunt to see how autumn had changed the world around us.  The children loved collecting coloured leaves, pine cones, conkers and chestnuts.  They amazed us with their knowledge of the world around us.  We decided to use some of the sticks that we had collected to help us with a project when we read “Room on a Broom” by Julia Donaldson.  We made our own broomsticks, carefully experimenting with different ways to join and combine materials.  We found that cellotape and pipe cleaners were the most effective.  We even enjoyed labelling the different animals on the witch’s broom.


We also explored different autumn festivals and particularly enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night.  The children experimented with different ways to create firework pictures.  For example they used paint, chalk, collage and 3D models.  They were able to use and apply their knowledge of colour mixing from their art enrichment sessions to help them.


The children have also explored colour mixing through a science experiment using skittles.  We placed the skittles on a white plate and submerged them in water.  The children made predictions about what might happen and were amazed to find that this created a rainbow pattern.  Look at the amazing results!


We also enjoyed reading “Pumpkin soup” and making our own soup to eat.  We enjoyed chopping the vegetables and tasting the final results!  We measured the different vegetables too and ordered them by size.


We have also been learning about “weight” and have enjoyed helping Santa’s elves weigh different toys.  We learnt how to use a balance scale and impressed our adults by sorting objects by weight.



Term 3 topic map

Throughout this term we have been learning about different careers that we might like to have when we grow up. We learned about the role of the postman and wrote letters to our family which we posted in the local postbox.

We had a visit from a bus driver who told us about his job, showed us around is bus and then gave us a ride around the playground.

Our next visit was from Michael who looks after a wide variety of animals from tarantulas to hedgehogs. He brought in a selection of his animals and taught us how to care for them and what to feed them. Michael’s visit inspired the children’s role play as they became very knowledgeable vets.

At the end of the term we celebrated our learning with a careers day where we all came in dressed up as a job. We talked about our uniforms and any tools we might need to use in our job, sharing our ideas with our friends. We finished the day with a careers fair, inviting our grown-ups in to share some activities with us.


Chinese New Year

At the beginning of February, it was Chinese New Year and we learned all about how Chinese New Year in celebrated, linking it to our own celebrations. We made decorations such as lanterns, paper dragons and paper scrolls to decorate the classroom using lucky colours red and gold. We shared the story of how the years got their names and found out which year we were born in – the children were either born in the year of the monkey or the year of the rooster. This year is the year of the tiger so we made tiger masks to celebrate!


Term 4 topic map

This term we used our imagination to go on a journey to a mysterious island which had been hidden for 65 million years. When created a huge map of the island, thinking about which features to add and thinking about here the prehistoric creatures we found would live.



Term 6 Topic Map

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